Heavy Duty Cotton Tack Mat and Frame

Heavy Duty Cotton Tack Mat and Frame
Description: Sticky Cotton Tack Mats & Frame

Size: 600mm x 900mm

Pack Qty: 1 Mat (each mat has 36 layers)

Colour: Natural with Red Frame

These cotton sticky mats which are also called tacky or tack mats are a high quality mat complete with frame

Each cotton mat contains 36 sticky layers which attract the dust and dirt when walked on, when the top layer becomes saturated with dirt, you simply peel off the top layer to reveal a brand new sticky surface

Adhesive coated surface captures dirt and dust particles

Traps dirt from wheels and pedestrian foot traffic

Disposable layers peel off soiled sheets to reveal a clean layer

This tough cotton mat is ideal for building and construction companies

Buy 1-4:49.95 Each (59.94 Inc VAT)
Buy 5-9:44.50 Each (53.40 Inc VAT)
Buy 10+:39.95 Each (47.94 Inc VAT)