Felt Tape Adhesive Black 12mm x 1mm x 55m

Felt Tape Adhesive Black 12mm x 1mm x 55m
Description: Self Adhesive Backed Felt Tape

Size: 12mm Wide x 1mm Thick x 55 Metres Long

Pack Qty: 1 roll

Colour: Black

Felt tape isn't just for weather stripping. Our felt tape can be used in a variety of applications as a surface protector for glass, metal and other materials that you don't want scratched or dinged. Felt tape is useful as a case or box liner as well as a sound absorbing barrier against slamming screen doors, compartments and windows

Felt tape is available in 12mm, 25mm and 50mm widths from stock plus in discs, we can also cut to any size as a special order item and supply various colours

Product Code: 1FELT12B
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