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MAGNETIC - Splash - Indigo Industrial Supplies

the home of high quality magnetic products

Polarity Magnets® are a leading UK importer and manufacturer of high quality magnetic products including flexible magnetic materials and rare earth neodymium magnets. Popular products include magnetic tape, magnetic paper, magnetic labels, magnetic sheeting, DIY secondary glazing kits and much more.

You should find ordering via our secure site is quick and simple, however if you are struggling to find a product, have found a cheaper price elsewhere, need a sample or simply product advice please call one of our friendly sales team on 01268 768 768

Quality is our priority and our products have been proven to out perform our competitors time and again, plus with over 20 years of experience in this specialist field we can work with you to find the right magnetic solution. We offer inhouse cutting services and can manufacture most of our materials to your exact specification!


In the unlikely event you find an equivalent product cheaper, click here and tell us!

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